Faith In Leadership

I've thrown my 7 iron down for the third time...still no snake! I must not have a Moses calling!  Really though, which took more faith, believing your staff would become a snake after being cast to the ground or picking it back up by the tail?  True faith always risks something.

Moses isn't the only person in the story who became a champion of faith.  Consider Aaron. There was no facebook in ancient Egypt.  Aaron had not seen his brother Moses in 40 years, nor heard from him.  Aaron is praying one day and bam...God speaks, "Wander out in the desert toward Midian to meet Moses."  Really?  GPS?  No.  Google Maps?  No. Tracking device?  No.

A favorite show our family watched when it was being produced was "I Shouldn't Be Alive."  Did you watch?  They couldn't even find people with helicopters!  Aaron, was working some Divine triangulation.  He not only believes he heard from God and goes, but he is led by God supernaturally to the exact spot to find him!  Aaron too is a champion of faith!

Moses and Aaron are two of Scripture's earliest leaders.  Being successful in leadership requires many traits, virtues, life experiences, and unique personality traits.  But without faith, we will never reach everything we were created by God to accomplish.

I remember the spring of 2007.  We were praying about moving to the 757 to pastor City Life.  I had various career opportunities from which to choose and City Life presented the most risk.  Vannessa and I had three young children, I had just turned 40, and I was concerned about providing for my family.  In speaking with a trusted Christian leader about my decision, he calmly stated, "Fred if there is no risk of failure then there is no room for God."

What is God asking you to do that will require faith?

Pastor Fred