how to use this booklet...

Whether you are still asking questions about who Jesus is or if you made a vow of devotion to Him 50 years ago, Philip and I believe you will benefit greatly from this resource.  You can read on your own or find a small group of people to read with so you can discuss your thoughts, ideas, and questions.  You could read with your spouse or use it for a family devotional.  However you work through these pages, make sure you let them work through you!  On a practical note, Scripture references will mention the specific translation being used.  For example, NLT is an abbreviation for New Living Translation. NASB is an abbreviation for New American Standard Bible.  There are many translations and all have their merit.  (If you don’t have a Bible of your own, find one that you can understand that is also recommended by someone you trust.)

We intentionally designed Praxis to be an easy, quick read at 57 pages.  The book size is eight inches tall and five and a half inches wide and only 1/8 inch thick.  Why does this matter?  Because too many books about discipleship are written from an academic perspective.  They are someone's dissertation that has been converted into a book.  Classrooms are important but they aren't where most people live.  Praxis meets you in a real life setting.  We have also included two great appendix resources listing out the Pathways and the Virtues with definitions and Scripture references to encourage further study, reflection, and discussion.  Both a digital and hard copy are available.

This would be an excellent resource for churches to give visitors, new members, or included in a gift bag for someone who has just made a vow of devotion to Jesus.  Too many churches preach and teach about discipleship but never offer a practical, comprehensive, easy to understand, and transformational strategy for real, lasting change.  This booklet helps your church meet this pressing need!  Consider offering to purchase them as a gift for your church or buy one and send it to the pastor who oversees discipleship.  We have seen the immediate impact that Praxis can have when people are diligent and sincere in its practice.  I hope you have the opportunity to see it at work in your church too!